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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thursday is the new Friday (Fri 3-5-10)

This week was another busy one. There was Kaida's endocsopy Monday, Raya's physical therapy on Tuesday, and a check-up with her GI doctor on Wednesday. The PT appointment went well but she's most likely going to need a helmet to reshape her head as a result of the positions she sleeps in to keep the reflux at bay and she's going to be seeing the PT once a week now. The GI appointment was a whirlwind of trying to go down my list of questions while answering the doctor's questions, keeping Cole & Kaida out of trouble, trying to remember everything she said, and trying not to forget any of the things I wanted to talk to her about. Raya had gained 11 oz in 2 weeks which was good but still not quite where the doctor would like her to be. I mentioned a couple of things that have been going on w/Raya lately and she pointed out a couple of things that we hadn't really discussed before, and she went out in the hallway for a minute. When she came back, she told me that she couldn't really put a finger on it but that there was something about Raya that is making her uncomfortable & just isn't sitting right with her. She said that there's not any huge blaring things going on, but she has a lot of little "soft symptoms" that may indicate something that we haven't picked up on yet. So long story short, our little quick appointment turned into a 2 1/2 hour long appointment that included blood work & urine cultures and an appointment with the neurologist for Monday.

Okay, so that was the first half of my week. It was busy and I was tired but it really wasn't bad. I started my day off yesterday by waking up & feeding Raya at 5:30 and then shortly after that, she vomited the entire bottle all over the front of both of us, down my lap, and onto the couch. I stood up and Donny laughed because it really looked like I had peed my pants. I cleaned everything up, fed kids, clothed kids, packed Ashtyn's lunch, and sent her off to school with Skylar since Donny's car had been in the shop & he had to take mine to work. It started out fine but things went downhill pretty quickly after that. I honestly don't know how Cole & I would have lived through the day if it hadn't been park day with friends at 10:00. Oh, which reminds me that while I was paying bills, Cole & Kaida decided to help themselves to the brand new bottle of syrup which is now half of a bottle. I pretty much had to give Kaida a bath before we could be seen in public even though we were only going to the park. It was just that kind of a morning.
While we were at the park, Donny called & told me that the training class he was taking had ended early so he was on his way home already. It was SOOOOOOO nice to spend the afternoon with him! He got home right when we got home from the park so we cleaned up the kids & fed them lunch and then loaded them up in the car so we could run a couple of errands. We picked up some Rubio's for lunch and then went home and put the kids in their rooms for naps. Kaida was out like a light but Cole will do anything to avoid falling asleep. Donny & Raya took a nap and she was still asleep when it was time for her to eat, so I just hooked her up to the machine & fed her while she slept. I must say that I kind of like the convenience of feeding her whether she's awake or not. :)

Raya LOVES her daddy!
Since Cole was still awake when it was time to get Ashtyn & Skylar from school, I took him with me so he wouldn't bother Kaida. We picked up the girls & took Skylar home and stayed to play for a while. After everybody at home woke up, we came home & loaded everybody up again so we could pick up Donny's car from the shop. $2000 later, we were back home & having dinner & sending kids off to bed. It just felt like a Friday all day long and it was SOOOO great to have Donny get a surprise afternoon off.

Shortly before Raya started her nightly fuss-fest, she figured out how to roll from her back to her tummy. Way to go Ray-ray!!

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