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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Out with the old & in with the new (Fri 3-19-10)

Today is Raya's tube change day. I've been looking forward to it because the little cap on her tube has started to get loose so it keeps popping open & leaking stomach contents everywhere. Kind of like spitting up only you don't notice it until everything is totally soaked. I've also been feeling bad for Raya's poor little cheek since it hasn't really gotten more than a couple hours of exposure to air since January 20th when the first tube went in.

She started off the morning by blowing out of her diaper, so I decided to just strip her down, give her the morning doses of medicine in the tube, take out the tube & give her a bath. Here she is with her beautiful naked little face:

She's not usually a huge fan of the bath but this morning she was in a good mood and gave me a few good smiles. :)

She's looking rather plump & juicy these days. At her weight check on Wednesday she was up to 11 lbs 10 oz. We made a couple more adjustments to her medications since she's still been vomiting almost every day and spitting up more than she should be, but at least she's still gaining weight.

Since the tube was out, I took a few pictures but she wasn't cooperating much and then she got hungry so I fed her a bottle, which she miraculously drank all of, and then wrapped her up and snuggled her to sleep. Once she wakes up I'll put the tube back in but this time we'll try the other side. For now, she's sleeping peacefully though. She sleeps like this a lot lately:
I love it. :)

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