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Sunday, September 5, 2010

4 Month Checkup (Fri 3-12-10)

Wednesday was another busy but good day. Ashtyn was SOOOO excited to have me bring cupcakes to her class for her birthday!

Next time I'll buy all the same flavor and they'll either all have plastic Easter egg rings on them or none of them will. :)

Raya also had her 4 month check up with the plain ol' pediatrician. Honestly, I thought it was kind of dumb to have to go there considering how many times she's been to other doctors etc. in the past 2 months. All the pediatrician did was tell me she's been getting a lot of reports from the GI doctor & PT ask what medications she's on now, and give me the phone number for the place that will make the helmet to reshape her little head. It was one of those visits where you feel like the doctor's main objective is to mark you off of her list of patients to see for the day & move on to the next name on the list. Oh well, I don't feel too bad about it because she has the most amazing GI doctor we could have ever asked for. Thanks to a referral from the GI dr, we also now have a really great neurologist that's checking into some concerns that the GI dr has had about Raya's muscle tone & general fussiness. She had some labs last week & will be having pretty much a full neuro workup sometime in the next couple of weeks. We're pretty sure everything will come back normal but it's better to investigate early just in case there is a problem so that we can intervene as early as possible.

Anyway, it's funny to me how every time she gets measured, it's an inch or so off from the last person that measured her. :) While we waited (and waited and waited and waited) for our turn, Raya enjoyed whacking the bird toy and even chewed on him a little, which is something she doesn't do very much yet. She also soaked a couple of burp rags and spit up on my pants. Then the doctor saw her, the nurse gave her 2 shots & an oral vaccine (which she slowly but surely swallowed and didn't immediately throw up like last time :) and then we were off on our way.

If you're thinking, "Why, she looks like she's bulked up lately." then you're absolutely right. We agree. She looks downright chubby to us. :) She weighed 11 lbs 5 oz which means we've successfully force fed her into the 10th percentile. We're pretty proud of ourselves about that. :) She's also rolled over both directions now so it's only a matter of time before she's off to the races. :)

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