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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Feeding Therapy: Brought to you by Costa Vida

Yesterday Raya had what was probably her best "food interaction" yet. I dumped a puddle of pureed squash on her tray (sounds appetizing, I know :) and let her go at it. Once she started to play in it, I got out one of the plastic spoons I...acquired from Costa Vida the day before. She had expressed interest in the spoon so I brought home a couple of extras. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. :) Instead of trying to feed her anything like I usually do since she's made it quite clear that I'm not welcome to put things in her mouth. I just stayed out of her way and let her be alone with her food. :)

She had the time of her life! I'm not kidding when I say that I stayed away from her. I didn't touch her or the spoon or high chair and the only time I got within 2 feet of her was to dump the other half of the jar of squash on the tray. The rest of the time I was in the kitchen pretending not to see her. It was hard to stay away though because after the struggles we've already had in the short time we've been attempting solid food with her, it was SOOOOOOO exciting to see her taking the initiative to explore the food. She smeared it all over the tray, squished it between her fingers, and rubbed the spoon in it. I even saw her stick out 1 finger, push it all the way across the tray through the puddle of squash, put the finger in her mouth, and make her "Hmmm...not sure if I like this" face. It was seriously the highlight of my day. (I'm having computer issues right now but I'll add more pictures later. You KNOW I was all over it with my camera. :)
When she finished, I was left with the aftermath:
It's no secret that I'm not Holly Housekeeper or that cleaning up baby food messes is not my favorite thing but I didn't even care about the squash mess because SHE PLAYED WITH SQUASH!!
The excitement of the day was squashed (HA HA) by her afternoon vomiting session. I saw it coming but didn't think anything would come out since she'd just been off her feeding pump for 3 hours but she somehow managed to throw up a large amount of brown liquid. It wasn't squash and we don't know exactly what it was but it might have had blood in it so we're doing more labs. It was a bummer, but the squash thing was pretty exciting. Thank you, Costa Vida for providing what is so far our most successful feeding therapy tool. I shall return soon to get more. :)

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