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Monday, September 20, 2010


Donny's grandpa always calls his great-grandkids "bigga-nuff" (not sure how he would spell it but that's my interpretation :). I think that's easier for him than remembering the names of all 75 or so of them. :) Anyway, lately Raya is getting so big that whenever I look at her, I can just picture in my mind Great-Grandpa K saying "Hey Bigga-nuff Girl!" to her.
On Friday, she stood up next to me (read: climbed up Mt. Mommy) while I was sitting on the floor and then let go and stood there for a couple of seconds before slowly sitting down. She did it a couple more times Saturday & Sunday. It's looking like she'll be our only 20+ lb 1 year old AND our only one to walk before a year.
Not super excited about how easy it's getting for her to get into everything though. We've learned the hard way that if she finds a piece of paper or ponytail holder on the floor, she will put it in her mouth and then throw up because she doesn't know how to get it out of her mouth or swallow it. In order to not be sad about how big she's getting & how fast she's growing up, I've decided to just be excited about how much easier it's getting for her to wear her backpack now than it was 3 months ago when she got it. She's so darn cute crawling around here in her little backpack!

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